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Is Australian National University a good university?

Renowned for its extraordinary training, research study and small courses, Australian National University (ANU) is rated by QS as the # 1 university in Australia. It has the greatest number of Nobel laureates amongst its staff as well as graduates than any other university in the country.

The Australian National College (English: The Australian National University, abbreviated as ANU; commonly referred to as the Australian National College, additionally converted as the Australian National University), established in 1946, is a research-oriented nationwide college situated in Canberra, the Australian Funding Area.

4 of Australia’s national academic study units are located on the ANU campus: the Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS), the Australian Academy of Liberal Arts (AAH), the Australian Academy of Social Sciences (ASSA) and the Australian Academy of Legislation (AAL). The university is additionally surrounded by the National Gallery of Australia and CSIRO, Australia’s biggest nationwide clinical research study organization.

More than 270 academicians on university have been elected as Australian Commonwealth Academicians, placing first among all Australian universities; and also the variety of members of the Royal Society is also the initial in Australia. Identified alumni consist of 6 Nobel Prize champions, forty-nine Rhodes scholarship winners, 2 Australian Prime Ministers, twelve existing federal priests and thirty current ambassadors.

The Australian National College is rated 31st worldwide and 1st in Australia in the QS World College Rankings in 2021, 59th worldwide and third in Australia by the Times College World College Rankings, and also was selected by Times Higher Education as the most global on the planet in 2019 12th in the university and also 1st in Australia. In the 2019 Times World University Grad Employability Rankings, ANU rated 29th in the world and also 2nd in Australia.