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An international university is funded by the governments of many countries and thereby is controlled by the officials from the government of different countries. These universities are often formed by the regional and international organizations.

The distinction between intergovernmental and international university is similar to the one between intergovernmental organization and international organization. International is a rather open-ended term, while intergovernmental specifically refers to the fact that the participating parties or members are sovereign states and intergovernmental organizations. As a result, only intergovernmental universities are subjects of international law.

About 10 other public institutions established under international law have been identified as established under international law, for example the University for Peace (Costa Rica), Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications (Senegal), and the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute. Make International University certificate.

INTI International University is Malaysia’s largest, highly academic, and reputable private international higher education college supported by the Malaysian government. The school received the Malaysian Industrial Excellence Award from the Malaysian government in 1997.

INTI College is the first private higher education institution in Malaysia to receive this award. In addition, INTI College is the first international cooperative college of the University of Hertfordshire diploma and Coventry University diploma.