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Among the most highly ranked small universities in Canada, the University of Winnipeg is a post-secondary university with roots going back nearly 150 years. The university has grown into a dynamic hub of knowledge and education and is home to a diverse academic community, committed to excellence.

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Over 100.000 students have reviewed over 1500 universities worldwide. University of Winnipeg is ranked in position 138 for Northern America.

The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg, UW) is a public research university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, that offers undergraduate faculties of art, business and economics, education, science and kinesiology and applied health as well as graduate programs. UWinnipeg’s founding colleges were Manitoba College and Wesley College, which merged to form United College in 1938.

The University of Winnipeg was established in 1967 when United College received its charter. The governance was modeled on the provincial University of Toronto Act of 1906 which established a bicameral system of university government consisting of a senate (faculty), responsible for academic policy, and a board of governors (citizens) exercising exclusive control over financial policy and having formal authority in all other matters. The president, appointed by the board, was a link between the bodies to perform institutional leadership.

The university is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID) and a member of U Sports.

The U of W’s founding colleges were Manitoba College, 1871, and Wesley College, 1888, which merged to form United College in 1938. In 1967, United College received a charter and became the University of Winnipeg. George Creeford Browne (architect) & S. Frank Peters designed Wesley Hall (1894–5), which is now part of the University of Winnipeg.