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Is INSEAD hard to get into?

Whilst the program has no hard and fast quota, they also want to create a diverse class, so in reality, the competition can be tougher for some than for others, which can impact your approach when figuring out how to get into INSEAD.

Why is INSEAD ranked so high?

The reason for Insead’s rise to No. 1 (it ranked No. 4 last year) had to do with its length and thus affordability. Insead offers a one-year MBA program as opposed to the standard two.

INSEAD, short for “Ins titut E uropéen d’Ad ministration des Affaires” (lit.  ‘European Institute of Business Administration’), is a non-profit business school with campuses in Europe (Fontainebleau, France) and Asia (Singapore), Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and North America (San Francisco, USA). As a graduate-only business school, INSEAD offers full-time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA), Finance, Doctor of Management, Master of Management, Graduate Degrees in Business Foundations, and a variety of Executive Education Programs.

Its MBA is taught in English and is consistently ranked among the best in the world. The MBA has produced the second-most CEOs of the 500 largest companies, after Harvard Business School and the sixth-largest billionaires.

Despite its relatively small size, as a specialized graduate-only university, INSEAD ranks second in the world’s 19 largest economies for the number of public company executives it produces, behind Harvard University and ahead of Oxford university. INSEAD is one of the top 20 universities in the world for producing the largest number of ultra-high net worth individuals in the world.

In 2021, INSEAD is ranked 4th globally and 7th for female founders in PitchBook’s ranking of founder MBA programs: the school’s approximately 700 alumni have founded more than 600 companies and raised a total of $23 billion. By 2022, 15% of European unicorns have been founded by INSEAD alumni, making the school the number one unicorn university on the continent.