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How much is the monthly fee at the La Molina Agrarian University?

Al ser una universidad pública no tendrás que pagar mensualidad o pensión.

When is the 2022 Agraria La Molina admission exam?

El examen de admisión 2022-II de la Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina será: El domingo 21 de agosto.

The National Agrarian University, also formally called National Agrarian University – La Molina (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina) (UNALM), is a public university in Lima, Peru. It is the country’s best university in the fields of agricultural, biological, and forestry sciences and the only university in Peru offering degrees in meteorology. The university is organized into eight faculties which contain twelve academic departments. It is considered one of the most important higher education institutions of Peru.

In 1901, during the government of President Eduardo López de Romaña, the creation of the National School of Agriculture and Veterinary Science was planned with the participation of a Belgian mission. The official inauguration of the school was on 22 July 1902. In 1912, the Central Agronomic Station was created with the purpose of developing the agricultural sector.

A campus in the Fundo Santa Beatriz (currently Jesús María) served as the school’s first location. The university’s current campus, in the Valley of Ate (currently La Molina District), was inaugurated in 1933. In 1960, the school was officially recognized as a university and was renamed to its current name: The National Agrarian University.