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What is ACCA qualification?

The ACCA Qualification is the world leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals – providing students with the skills, knowledge and values to have successful careers and lead the organisations they work with into the future.

Is ACCA equivalent to CPA?

The ACCA entry level is much lower than the CPA. Plus, the ACCA has two entry points depending on your education and experience. The ACCA labels these levels as “ACCA Foundations in Accountancy” and the “ACCA Qualification” level.

Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). It has 233,000 members and 536,000 future members worldwide. ACCA is headquartered in London with the main administrative office in Glasgow. ACCA works through a network of more than 110 offices and centres in 51 countries – with 346 Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) and over 7,600 Approved Employers worldwide who provide staff development. ACCA also works in Nepal, India, China and Pakistan.

The word ‘charter’ in the ACCA qualification refers to the Royal Charter granted in 1974.

“Chartered Certified Accountant” is a legally protected term. Individuals who call themselves Chartered Certified Accountants must be members of ACCA and if they are in public practice, they must comply with other regulations, such as holding a practising certificate, taking out liability insurance and being examined.

The Association of Authorised Public Accountants (AAPA) is one of the professional bodies of public accountants in the UK and has been an affiliate of ACCA since 1996.

ACCA works in the public interest to ensure that its members are properly regulated. It promotes principles-based regulation. ACCA actively seeks to enhance the value of accounting in society through international research. It takes a progressive stance on global issues to ensure that the reputation and influence of accounting as a profession continues to grow.