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Is Southern New Hampshire an actual college?

Yes, SNHU is an exclusive, not-for-profit, totally certified organization. As a private university, we rely heavily on exclusive contributions, contributions, as well as tuition to give nationally-recognized education for our pupils.

Is SNHU a highly regarded university?

NECHE, the one in charge of the certification of SNHU, is a local accreditation company. This makes SNHU a regionally accredited college. Contrasted to national accreditation, regional
accreditation is taken into consideration a much more respected and also widely recognized kind of accreditation.

Southern New Hampshire College (SNHU) is a private college in between Manchester as well as Hooksett, New Hampshire. The university is approved by the New England Commission of Higher
Education, in addition to nationwide accreditation for some friendliness, health, education and service degrees. SNHU is just one of the fastest-growing universities nationwide with 135,000 on
the internet trainees and 3,000 on university.

The university was founded in 1932 by second-generation Russian Americans Harry A.B. “H.A.B.” Shapiro, an accountant, and his wife, Gertrude Gittle Crockett Shapiro, as an institution focused on teaching business, under the name New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science. H.A.B. Shapiro died in 1952; there were 25 students enrolled at that time, and his widow, who had increasingly administered the school as her husband’s health declined, then ran the school until 1971, continuing as president emerita until 1986.

In 1961, the school was incorporated and renamed the New Hampshire College of Accounting and Commerce. The state of New Hampshire granted the college its charter in 1963, which gave it degree-granting authority.

The first partner degrees were granted that year, and the very first bachelor’s levels were provided in 1966. The university became a nonprofit organization under a board of trustees in September
1968, as well as its name was shortened to New Hampshire College in 1969.