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What SAT score do you need for University of Maryland?

A high score on a standardized test is an excellent way to demonstrate your academic prowess and critical understanding. University of Maryland SAT Requirements for the 25th percentile are 1290, and for the 75th percentile are 1460.

What is University of Maryland known for?

As a member of the Association of American Universities, the Big Ten Conference, the Coalition for College and the Common App, UMD is consistently recognized as one of the preeminent public research universities in the United States. Our students are fearless innovators, entrepreneurs, creators and doers.

The University of Maryland, College Park (UM, UMD, UMCP or Maryland) is a public research university ranked among the top in the United States and well-known around the world. Founded in 1856, the university is located in University Park, Maryland, in the northeastern United States. It is the flagship campus of the University of Maryland system and the largest university in Maryland and the Washington metropolitan area. It is also considered one of the public Ivy League colleges. Wallace D. Loh, the first Chinese president of UM, officially took office on November 1, 2010.

On March 6, 1856, the Maryland Agricultural College, which later became the University of Maryland, was established. In 1858, Charles Benedict Calvert, a descendant of the Baron of Baltimore, purchased the 420-acre Riverdale Plantation in University Park for $21,000 and provided it to the Maryland Agricultural College. That same year, Charles Benedict Calvert provided some of the funds from his stock to the Maryland Agricultural College. On October 6, 1859, the first group of 34 students, including the four sons of Charles Benedict Calvert, began studying at the Maryland Agricultural College.

In July 1862, the Maryland Agricultural College awarded its first degrees. That same month, Lincoln signed the Morrill Land appropriations bill. The bill seeks to use federal funds to fund schools that provide agricultural, engineering and military education. After the Maryland Legislature passed the Morrill Land Appropriations Act, Maryland Agricultural College became a school supported by the Act in February 1864.